"RESONANCE" is a Selene 47 that was built in 2007. She was moored at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and we used to spend summers cruising on the West Coast. Resonance was sold in 2018, and has been replaced by a smaller boat - a Back Cove 37.
This chart shows some of the places in B.C., Alaska, and Washington that we have visited during our cruises.
"Canary" is a Deception-class Mini-12. I used to race this small (but fun) sailboat during the racing season at Royal Victoria Yacht Club. I "retired" from the class in 2020.
"Hypertension" is a Baltic 42 (designed by Doug Peterson) that we owned from 1981 to 1991. The photo on the right was taken about 1,000 miles offshore in one of the bi-annual Victoria-Maui races. Those are my feet clinging on to the mast! I participated in this 2400 mile race on four different occasions.
We owned this C&C 36 (also called "Hypertension") from 1978 to 1981. The photo on the right was taken in Race Passage during one of the Swiftsure Yacht Races.
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We owned this C&C 30 (called "Image Response") from 1976 to 1978.
We raced a 470 dinghy (called"Gigahertz") from 1973 to 1975. That's Chris out on the trapeze. Late in 1975 we moved to Seattle, realized how cold the water was, and changed over to keelboats.
Soon after we got married in 1970, we bought a Soling called "Grayling". We raced out of Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club.
My first boat! Sailing my Moth in Hamilton Harbour in 1956.
We were part-owners of this 70 foot barge (built in 1908) from 1999 until 2012. We cruised throughout France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany.
I owned a half share of this 1963 Cessna 180F for several years
Debugging the home-brew SSB antenna tuner that was installed on Tetu. This was used with a 1 Kilowatt linear amplifier as part of the on-board ham radio setup. Photos taken in about 2001.
Marine Product Development
Tetu is a 58 foot, 68 ton steel trawler that was built in 1975. She has now been sold, but was part of our family from 1991 to 2006. We purchased Tetu in fairly rough shape in 1991. We completely gutted and rebuilt her, as shown in the following link.
"TIMELY" is a Back Cove 37 that was built in 2018.  She is moored at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and we intend on taking shorter cruises than we used to in the two trawlers described below (Resonance and Tetu).