Hardware Product Development
The following are examples of just some of the hardware products that were developed either personally by me or under my supervision.
INTERMEC (1978-1994)
FLUKE (1973-1978)
With Jim Somerville, my first business partner
Our very first product, hand-built in my spare bedroom.
Our first office, at 777 Warden Avenue, Toronto
CARROL & REED (1969-1971)
I worked at Barringer Research part time as a technician while I was attending University, and then joined them as an Engineer upon my graduation in May of 1969.
Testing a remote correlation spectrometer for analyzing emissions from smoke stacks (1967). The equipment (and me) was strapped into a helicopter as we flew by the smoke stacks in Cleveland.
Installing a prototype gas analysis correlation spectrometer in a smoke stack at Ontario Hydro.
This photo was taken in Dundas in 1960. I am debugging a new amplifier design (using 6L6 tubes). The oscilloscope was built by modifying a surplus radar monitor, and the grandfather clock is made from Mecanno. Also shown is a highly-modified Heathkit AR-3 receiver (with Q multiplier), and a KnightKit VTVM.
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