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The Royal Victoria Yacht Club (RVYC) has an active racing fleet of Mini-12's (Illusion class and Deception class).  We usually have 6 races every Saturday afternoon.   The day starts at noon, with everyone having lunch in one of the RVYC meeting rooms and listening to a "Lunch Time Speaker", talking about some boating-related topic.  In 2015, I gave a series of 4 lectures on "How To Win Sailboat Races", and one of the audience members recorded them on video.  The videos have now been posted on Vimeo, and there are links listed below.  The video quality has a few issues, and the actual presentations were not overly "polished", but the end result is quite viewable (especially if you are having a beer with your lunch).  Although the focus is on Mini-12 racing, much of the material is quite pertinent to any type of sailboat.
1) The basics of sailing (the Physics of what makes a sailboat go)
2) Sail trim (going fast)
3) Tactics (going the right way)
4) Rules of racing (keeping out of trouble)