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For many years, I have been dismayed by the distortions that have been promulgated on both sides of the "Climate Change Debate", and the "groupthink" mindset that politicians and educators seem to have adopted on the topic.  I am also appalled that "consensus" is now claimed to be a legitimate approach to conducting scientific research!
I have been monitoring developments in measurement techniques, research methodologies, and theories surrounding the climate change issue for over two decades.  About 10 years ago, this topic became much more visible to the general public, and inevitably politicians embraced the new religion, trying to "out-green" each other in order to ensure election.   The various conferences/summits (Kyoto, Rio, Lima, Doha, Copenhagen, Paris, etc.) have turned into evangelistic "revival meetings", offering numerous photo-opportunities for the "in crowd".
Climate change IS real.  The climate has always been changing, and it always will.  The questions are:  how much effect is man having on this, and can anything be done to affect the future changes?
The attached document discusses these issues.